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April 12, 1745

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Source document location: Moravian Archives - Bethlehem, Pa.
Bethlehem Diary, Volume II



Monday, April 12

I rejoice in that which has been told to me. Ps. 122: 1. How the gift of the cross shall still increase until the total is complete. The people from Gnadenthal left Bethlehem pleased and happy. Adolph, Rohner, and Hartmann came to us. They told us how very blessed they were at the Communion yesterday, and one could see it in them. The Michlers, greatly strengthened and happy, went to Tulpehockin. Bruce went back to the Blue Mountains for the laying of the foundation of a schoolhouse there. Br. Payn held the English service. He spoke with unction and dealt with essential matters. Mrs. Bürstler from Oley brought her youngest son, Johannes, to stay here. She declared that it was a great concern to her that all her children might be saved. The congregation assembled in the Saal in order to wish Br. Gold happiness in his rest. His text was: You have made work for Me in your sins. Mary gave a lovefeast for the intermediate girls and installed Sr. Schober as their schoolteacher. She told the children what an act of grace it was that they had an opportunity to learn, and then they could read for themselves what the Lamb has done for them, and she also asked them always to begin their school with the Savior. A single man, a smith named Sholler, came from Oley to stay here. Br. Adolph and Hartmann traveled to the Swamp. In the whole congregation it could be seen and felt what had happened to them yesterday by the consuming of the flesh and the blood of Christ. Br. Joseph and Br. Wagner visited with Christ. W[eise]r who had asked for an English brother for the education of his children and for edifying company. At the laying of the foundation of the new church at Tulpehocken, Br. Joseph first preached in the church on the words, No one can lay another foundation than Jesus Christ, the crucified and clearly explained the foundation of Lutheran doctrine. Then the entire congregation went to the place where the new church would be built. We sang a few stanzas, and then Br. Phil. Meurer, Nieke, and the two wardens went to the foundation stone and laid it. After the stanza was sung, Father, establish in us faith in Jesus Christ, etc., Joseph stood on the stone and prayed fervently. Then a lovefeast was held in the schoolhouse with all who wanted to participate, parents and children, at which all kinds of reports and important discourses were presented. A mason who was a stranger also came; he was very moved and wept much. Then only the members of the Lutheran congregation met together. They were asked whether they also were content with their preachers, schoolmaster, and wardens. They believed they would hear a lot from the people about this, [who would say:] "Your preachers are nothing but shoemakers and tailors, etc." Because of this Joseph talked to them about the Savior's plan in our times. There are various parents who would like to have their children in Bethlehem even though they are very useful to them to help with the work at home. One hardly knows how it comes about that so many get the idea to be in Bethlehem. Today Br. Joseph and his company came to Mühlbach to Michel Brecht's and looked at the place where a schoolhouse can be built. The people of Mühlbach were advised to build a large building with two stories in order to provide lodging for the brethren and sisters who work with children and other souls. Mich. Brecht has the most lovely children.


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