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July 15, 1744

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Source Location: Moravian Archives - Bethlehem, Pa.
Bethlehem Diary, Volume II

Wednesday, July 15
 Br. Schaw arrived from Schecomeko with letters from [New] York, Georgia, St. Thomas, and Checomeko.  They reported to us that the people round about them were in mortal terror concerning the Indians from Canada.  And on one occasion, when someone’s gun went off unexpectedly, the people who heard it thought that the enemy was already at hand and seized their weapons and also spread the alarm to the other neighboring towns.  They promptly seized their weapons and took off to look for the Indians.  Finally, however, they saw that they had been deceived, and there were various tales of that sort.  They accused the brethren in Checomeko of siding with their enemies, and it was reported throughout the whole region that many hundred Canadian Indians lay around Checomeko and were being supplied by the Brethren with powder and lead.  These reports caused the justices themselves to come and see that these were lies.  Our adversaries, especially the doctor in Dover, charge that we are Roman Catholic; this is to be determined in court, and the Brethren have had to pledge that they will appear.  They also are expected to join with those fighting the war, and Br. Almers, because he was unwilling, had to pay a fine of nineteen shillings.  Even though the Enemy [Satan] seeks our harm, yet, because our Lord is seated on the right hand [of God], our Brethren are protected nonetheless.  A school teacher named Sierrel from Hopwell [sic] in the Jerseys was here to visit Br. Bruce.  He belongs to the P. [Presbyterian?] Church.  He reported  that the minister of their church at that place was an exceptionally bad fellow, a fornicator, skinflint, drunkard, and this openly.  But he himself had a dead heart, and his visit here was for no good purpose.  Early today Selikes left Bethlehem for Menissing and his friends because of restlessness of heart.  For he is said to have heard a brother say on some occasion that whoever has an evil heart is out of place in Bethlehem.

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