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January 19, 1745

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Source document location: Moravian Archives - Bethlehem, Pa.
Bethlehem Diary, Volume II

Tuesday, January 19

Following a lovefeast, we let Jonathan return to Checomeco in good spirits and in peace. We had a lovefeast with our heads of families and master craftsmen to establish a number of general principles. Payne is to keep an account of everything, and each master is to provide him with information and an account of the branch of which he is in charge. When brethren or sisters want to have something made, they are to report this to the House Conference on a slip of paper, and there it is to be countersigned either by Payne or Joseph and thereafter attended to. The Indian Br. Jonas arrived from Checomeco with letters and the diary. Büttner wrote: "It is reported that they are going to take everything away from us; if that is done, all right, then we shall have just as much as our Savior possessed on earth. In any case we have no wagons or horses with which to remove our things." Br. Pyrläus's little Johanna went to her Creator and Redeemer, her mother being entirely content therewith. In the afternoon Marie conducted a separate service for the Married Sisters; this takes place each Tuesday with special blessing.

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