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February 10, 1743

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Source document location: Moravian Archives - Bethlehem, Pa.
Bethlehem Diary, Volume I

Sunday, the 10th. Mayer conducted the preaching service, speaking on Hebrews 9:13 f. Okley preached in English.

We talked more fully with Franz Bluhm regarding his insistent application for permission to move to Bethl. He, however, was unwilling to give ground and held fast to his decision to yield his whole heart to the Lamb and His Church, which, he said, also was his wife's intention. He maintained that he could not stay away, for the whole world would be too cramped if he could not be with us. Therefore permission was given him to arrange his aff airs in such a manner as to enable him to come to us. He would, however, have to place his daughter, who is grown, in Germantown with our brethren and sisters, or in Nazar., since we had no institution for young women in Bethl. He said he would entrust himself and those who were his completely to the care of the Church. He left for home in a very happy mood. All of the services took place in the regular manner. And our beloved Lamb manifested Himself very graciously in them.

On the same day Bro. Gambold returned from New York and brought word that Bro. Bohler had been examined by the authorities, under the pretext of his being a Papist, and had been compelled to withdraw from the city. He had complied with this. But the following day he returned thither, after first informing the mayor, because he had been called by a number of freeholders to become their pastor.

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