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April 25, 1745

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Sunday, April 25

Go, bear his beautiful shame. Perhaps you will pull these hearts after you. Phil. 1: 14. This watchword harmonizes incomparably with today's Saying of the Savior: Behold, I send you out as sheep among the wolves. Therefore you should be clever as snakes and as harmless as doves. Matt. 10: 16. One learns from this how far one should go in suffering Satan's envy intelligently, and when one must avoid it. The preachers who are going to address the congregation today were sincerely spoken to in preparation. The congregation council resolved that we would observe the festival days according to the old style calendar, except in Singstunden, at lovefeasts and the hourly intercession, and on the same occasions we would observe the festival days according to the new style calendar for the sake of fellowship with our brethren and sisters in Europe. However, our unique congregation festivals, e.g., November 13 and December 16, new style, we will observe on the same day as our European brethren and sisters. It was also resolved to have a doctrinal conference so that we all learn to use the same way of thinking and the same way of speaking because we come from so many sects and have had so many incorrect ideas. According to the Saying of the Savior it was pointed out how one often must try to avoid suffering, if one is absolutely sure that neither the Savior nor people are served by it. So He Himself acted. At other times, one can confidently approach suffering if one knows that it is the Savior's will. The Savior also did this when the time came which the Father had determined for Him to suffer. Because He also said, "When they persecute you in one city, flee to another one," no witness can choose a permanent residence. He is like a bird. When it is scared away from one tree, it Ries to another tree and it sings again. We had an Indian conference; present were Br. and Sr. Christ. Rauch, Br. and Sr. Martin Mack, Br. and Sr. Friedrich Post, Br. and Sr. Spangenberg, Br. and Sr. Johannes Huber, Br. and Sr. Dav. Bischoff, Sr. Büttner, Sr. Sensemann, Sr. Shaw, Thomas and his wife, Nath. Seidel, Gottl. Bezold, Dav. Zeisberger, Matth. Reuz, and Christ. Frölich. It was resolved that because the Delaware Indians who live near us are seeking baptism, we should speak further with them about it. Regarding Debora it was resolved that we would keep her here because she gives evidence that it is going well for her in Bethlehem. And concerning the Indians who are strangers and pass through here, it was mentioned that they are our brethren and we are in covenant with the Five Nations. If they just are hungry and suffer want we will give them food, not under the condition that they should become Christians, but because they are hungry. If they seek something for their souls we will also care for them. We met together in love and grace. Br. Benezet and Sam. Powel came from Philadelphia. We received the news that Sr. Noble, having recognized her own wretchedness as well as the unmerited grace of the Lamb, had finally been blessed with a peaceful death. Very many people were here to visit and stayed the whole day. Each one was admitted to his respective choir quarter-of-an-hour service. It was made clear to the husbands that they had entered into marriage in order that they might be prepared for the marriage of the Lamb and also to be helpful to their wives in this regard. It was pointed out to the Single Brethren how they would become clean in Christ and had no reason to get involved with sin, but they should lock the door against it. We had a lovefeast with Br. Schnell and Sr. Braun and with Br. Oerter and Sr. Boelen in the presence of the Married People's helpers. It was very pleasant and sincere. In the evening, during the hourly intercession, their marriages were announced. We also held a workers' lovefeast since all of us are - God be praised - of one heart and one soul. We sang Brethren and sisters, we give one another hearts and hands, etc. The Single Brethren also had a lovefeast and selected by vote several new choir workers. At Heidelberg Br. and Sr. Wagner held the choir quarter-of-an-hour services for their people in such a deep sense of blessing that they could thank the little Lamb with many tears for it. At Earlingtown Br. Lishy shy held the meal of remembrance of the Lord with about thirty persons, and Br. Brandmüller preached at Lorenz Hoff 's The workers at Checomeko had a blessed lovefeast, and they also had many visitors there. On [St.] Thomas the Moors had a prayer day. Br. Abraham spoke with blessing about bloody grace. Moab and Manasse were excluded from the congregation and two children were blessed. Br. Brucker held choir quarter-of-an-hour services and they closed with Prostration. Today at Racoon Br. Reinke preached in the field since there was no church or house large enough. He spoke first in German, then in Swedish, and finally in English to very many people, and grace was powerfully at work.

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