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February 26, 1745

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Source document location: Moravian Archives - Bethlehem, Pa.
Bethlehem Diary, Volume II

Friday, February 26

Husbands, love your wives. Eph. 5:25. Anoint with your oil, Lamb, all our duties to the souls of our sisters. Br. Reincke went to Nazareth to bury Br. Schaaf's little son, Thomas Adolph. We think it is best that these things should be done in our congregations by an ordained brother, even though we have the freedom to do it otherwise. The three brethren from Checomeko who had arrived in Nazareth yesterday came to Bethlehem today. The poor Indian, whose child had died at the house of our Thomas and his wife, was very grieved; he was given the choice to bury it somewhere around here or to bring it to Nazareth. He chose Bethlehem. Sr. Reincke washed and dressed it, Br. Christian dug the grave, Br. Bischof brought a casket for it, the Checomeko brethren decorated the grave, and the child's mother sacrificed and burned all the clothing of the child. We had an Elders' Conference and agreed to meet every day from ten o'clock to eleven. Br. Isaac brought a letter from Br. Jonathan to the congregation at Bethlehem. He wrote that he had caused the congregation much pain and had lost much blessing, but he hoped it would now be different because the Savior had so mercifully visited him anew. His wife's condition was also very good now and she was thankful that the Savior was so near to her again. Sarah wrote also that she could rejoice about the miracles of Jesus and felt in her heart a willingness to give herself totally to the Savior. Br. Mack wrote quite cordially and simply about himself and his wife and the congregation at Checomeko. He was especially glad because the Indians could now sing some of the nicest hymns in their own language, which Br. Büttner had translated for them. Br. Meynung reported that he had begun his work at Oley with much blessing. Br. Abraham also wrote from Checomeko to the Bethlehem congregation in a cordial, sincere, and elder-like manner. He thanks the congregation for sending people to them who brought them to Jesus Christ, whom they did not know before.

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