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March 29, 1745

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Monday, March 29

God ascends with shouting and the Lord with bright trumpets. Ps. 47:6 [47:5]. You rapid wagons of fire, you who carried the great son of the king to glory. We join together in harmony. You make your sounds up above, we do it here. Br. and Sr. Franck, who were very happy among us, went back to their children at Nazareth. The single brethren who had been working at Nazareth went back to work there. Br. Joseph Müller made a very nice little poem for our Schreiber Collegium. Everything becomes a blessing for the children. They are doing well; all of them are healthy. Sr. Brocksch came to [take care of] the little children. At the congregation council the brethren and sisters were reminded again of the reason for our living together. It is not only that we can make a living for ourselves and eat our own bread, but also that we also can promote the cause of the Savior. It has brought real blessing to us. We had a lovefeast with all the masters of the trades, a worthy company; more than thirty brethren and sisters [Brüder u. Schw.] were there. Sr. Okely suffered very much in her body, but she was peaceful at heart. The Brethren at Checomecko made a fence today around their God's Acre. Today, Sr. Mayer bled her husband, with good results. It was the first time that she tried it, and we decided it would be good if she could be used among the sisters. Through the sheriff, the imprisoned brethren in New York conveyed a petition to the governor along with Cunr. Weiser's affidavit. On the other side of the Susquehanna Br. Lischy married two couples, baptized six children, and preached in Hanns Christ's house. Abr. Müller went farther and crossed the Susquehanna, his watchword being: Lamb, wherever there is a soul belonging to Your payment [on the cross] who sits and sweats in unjust fetters, let him soon realize that by trusting in the blood and wounds he can venture forth and go to his true Husband.

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