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February 2, 1744

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Source document location: Moravian Archives - Bethlehem, Pa.
Bethlehem Diary, Volume II
Sunday, February 2
This day of special blessing began with the elder’s blessing and the Bible study on I Peter 5.  In the congregation council, among other matters, it was announced that Br. Miksch would be co-warden with Br. Bischoff because there are too many matters for one person to attend to.  It was also made known that our prayer day would be held today.  Prylaeus conducted the regular preaching service, speaking about the distinction that exists among those who let themselves be persuaded to take up service for Jesus.  Some covet reward and are jealous of the others, who have no thought of reward and repayment but consider it a blessing to have been called and permitted to serve so kind a Lord.  The latter, however, will not be forgotten when recompense is awarded.  The prayer day began after two o’clock with the venerable hymn, We will praise God, etc.  The congregation stood, and Bishop Nitschmann prayed to the Lamb, beseeching His presence.  Then we read the diary of the journey from Marienborn to Buhrau made by eleven married couples under Br. Lauterbach’s leadership, and at the close we sang The pilgrimage in this time, etc.  The second part began after four o’clock.  The choir called on the Savior to be  present  in the midst of His poor sinners as they sang the
hymn, You lovely Savior, You King of truth,  solo and chorus alternating as they sang.  Then our dear Br. Anton read the letters requesting admission to the congregation, among which was one from Burnside.   He also read the Checomeko diary of Br. Büttner with its account of the great blessing experienced by that little band of Indians, as well as the letters written to the congregation by several Indians and white brethren.  In addition he read a number of hymns, one composed by Br. Buttner which referred to the latter’s own birthday, What then should I say to my Lord, etc. and another composed by Br. Ludwig for August 13, 1743, Where are you with each other, you beloved, you my other, etc. All of these blessed reports and hymns stirred our choir to close the second part with the hymn, What manner of singing is this, about waving flags, and about pushing ahead into grace, etc. sung antiphonally.  After supper the third part began with the following stanzas: Contented congregation, etc., Oh, chosen Savior, etc., Cause deeds to be done, etc., When now so many flocks, etc., You bloody Reconciler, etc., We are indeed Your hereditary, etc.  Br. Anton spoke with much unction and thoroughly about today’s watchword: That that which is mortal may love You is indeed apparent enough today, etc.  He directed his remarks to the three brethren and sisters who were to be received at this time, namely, 1. Johannes Tanneberger, a Single Brother, whom the Savior has finally persuaded after long resistance; 2. Anna Elisabeth Schmied, formerly Engelbert’s maid; 3. an Older Girl, Christina Schwarz, daughter of Hartmann’s sister, who had attended the boarding school in Germantown under the supervision of our dear Benigna.  He said regarding them that they had nothing to show that could have caused the Savior to bestow this grace upon them — that of being numbered among His people — but, since the Savior was so gracious and did not oppose it, they should accept this grace  and be happy in the congregation.  Then, with them in mind, we sang Not your worthiness, but the open side, etc.  And during the singing of the stanza, O Lamb wounded for them, etc., and Through the covenant of blood, the elder and eldress of their respective Choirs received them as members of the congregation with the Kiss of Love.  Then, during the singing of the stanza, We fall down before You, etc., the whole congregation prostrated itself and commended itself and them to the wounds.  Finally the service closed with Lord Jesus Christ, Your death, etc.  During the quarter-of-an-hour service of the hourly intercessors a disturbance took place among the singers, which grieved us.  Br. Anton wrote them a sharply worded note.  They admitted their sin, and the Savior forgave them. At the same time it was impressed upon all of the singers that music must glorify the Savior, otherwise all music is worth nothing, and only sensual pleasure, and we do not want to regard it or use it in that manner.  Today Br. Greening came to discuss medicine with Br. Adolph Mayer.  There were many strangers here.  Br. Muller again preached in Maguntshe.

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