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January 2, 1744

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Source document location: Moravian Archives - Bethlehem Pennsylvania
Bethlehem Diary, Volume II

January 2

Today, at nine o’clock, all of the brethren and sisters who are to live in Nazareth assembled in the Saal.  They were informed that the time had now come for them to move to Nazareth.  They were affectionately admonished to avoid quibbling and exhorted in moving terms to cultivate a childlike spirit.  Br. Mayer was assigned to them as warden in accordance with Br. L[udwig’s] order, with Br. Franke as his assistant in spiritual matters.  In temporal matters they were referred to Hartmann.   First we wished them much blessing, which caused the hearts and eyes of nearly all to overflow in tears, and then they left, each taking a piece of bread for the journey.  The brethren went ahead, with Br. Hagen; they carried axes in their hands to make a new road to Nazareth.   The sisters followed them, together with several brethren. [Added on the margin: Those who were ill stayed in Bethlehem for the time being, as did both of the Schobers.] Br. Boehler, Anton [Seiffert], Seidel, and Nitschmann also followed, and delivered a welcome to them up there, and dedicated the Saal with comments on the watchword for this day, which was especially fitting: The first ground on which you stood was the slope on the way to your death.  Nobody has, etc.  John 15:13.

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