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March 5, 1745

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Friday, March 5

You have made difficulties for me. Is. 43:24. It is no secret. I am Your soul, my Immanuel. All people were amazed that Sr. Okely got better, even though she is not yet out of danger. Br. Bömper visited the brethren imprisoned in New York and told them that his visit in Bethlehem had been a great blessing to him. Our brethren and sisters returned from Gnaden-Thal, all of them happy and healthy. With our girls everything is going quite well. We have a plan for the children. We will keep the little lambkins, girls as well as boys, under our eyes in Bethlehem, so that the parents do not have to worry about them. They are here now and the parents want it that way until their children are taken into the school. Today, the synodal brethren and sisters were divided into ten groups. Each group has a Diener who not only knows the way, but also can go before the others with grace. Thomas recovered from his sickness and was very happy. The Sayings of the Savior have fit our circumstances very nicely, especially for the imprisonment of our brethren. On February 26 the Saying was: You are the salt of the earth. On the twenty-seventh: You are the light of the world. On the twenty-eighth: One does not light a lamp, etc. On March 1: Let what you say be simply Yes or No (they were asked to swear). On the second: Love your enemy. On the third: Bless those who curse you. On the fourth: Do good to those who hate you. On the fifth Pray for those who offend and persecute you. Br. Mack and his company were arrested at Sopus in a very rude manner. A justice ordered him to halt, otherwise he would apprehend him. He had to stand in a crowd of people, in the middle of the street with two small infants and a pregnant wife, in very wet and cold weather and with loaded horses, until several justices and a judge assembled. But when Colonel Löbenstein finally came, he publicly reprimanded the justice for treating them in such a manner and let them continue on their way. However, before they could reach their night quarters, they were again so unmannerly attacked and with such shouting and insults that one can hardly imagine it. Meanwhile, they got through it. Johannes of Checomeko told Br. Haagen that he had spoken with Abraham because our brethren had been forced to leave them and Br. Post and Zeisberger were in prison. So they wanted to present a supplication to the governor, with a belt of wampum attached, and let him know that they, the Brethren, had been robbed and that people also wanted to take away their land from them. The King of England had presented himself as a father. Yet a father would not cause pain to his children. The Nazareth Married People's Conference had a lovefeast. Br. Neisser made these verses for it among others [translated in prose]: All-powerful blood of God, show your wonders. Pour down, you highest good, on the humble souls and the consecrated cave where they are assembled and rejoice in you. Unite us further, through the power of Your blood, as we perform our service, into one heart and mind Let us, whatever we do, feel Your support, and may our band of unity remain in Your care.


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