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January 6, 1745

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Source document location: Moravian Archives - Bethlehem, Pa.
Bethlehem Diary, Volume II

The word read: The Lord is King. Let the land rejoice and all the islands be glad Be jubilant, 0 earth, and shout, you hills, because the mouth of witnesses extols Jesus to you, for this is Jehovah's mighty seal, a sign of the blessing He promises you. Schober was admitted to the Helpers' Conference. The seven dear brethren from the Swamp left for home again, healthy and cheerful and happy. Since it was the festival of Epiphany today, the Indians, the missionaries, and those who are involved with the mission had a lovefeast, at which Br. Pryläus played lovely music and sang with much grace. Our watchword, also, was very appropriate. Instead of the regular Singstunde, music was again played for the entire congregation and then an address was given, based on the watchword, and on both occasions a gentle wafting of grace was felt. Our quarter-of-an-hour service in English after dinner was held for the first time today, and many Germans attended it. Our Savior has heard our prayer, and the epidemic illnesses that had been so widespread among our brethren and sisters have subsided. The congregation was informed of the regulation which provides that everyone is to deliver his letters to the elder of his choir before they leave the congregation because, should a brother or sister write anything that was objectionable, the congregation would bear the blame.

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