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July 3, 1742

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On Tuesday, June 22/July 3 [O.S./N.S.],
the flooring was laid in the dormitory

Bryzelius left this morning for Germantown.

Today we received word from Mr. Irish of an order from the governor dispossessing the Indians in Nazareth, and this afternoon Bro. Brandmüller and Pyrlaeus were sent to Justice Irish as the deputies of the community of Bethlehem with the following reply.

Bethlehem, June 22/July 3, 1742.

Honoured Sir, The Commons at Bethlehem & Nazareth heart;ly thank You, that You have been pleased to communicate to us the Orders You received from Philadelphia for dispossessing the Indians, who have made themselves Alasters of our purchased land in Nazareth. May You be pleased, Sir, to peruse our following Account suitable to this Matter.

We thought ourselves under an Obligation of acquainting the Government with the Circumstances, wherein we were with the Indians, who have possessed themselves of our Land, purchased and warranted to us by the Honourable [sic] Proprietor.

We considering the ill Consequences of such a Case, which if we neglected, might bring a bad Report on us. Therefore in this Respect we have done what could be required of us. It is our Duty now to attend patiently such Measures as the Wisdom & Experience of the Magistracy shall take in this Affair. But as our Superiours have been pleased to ask our Sentiments thereof, We desire, Sir, You'll please to explain the Substance of what follows to their Honours, Viz.

If the Government can convince the Indian at Nazareth, called Captain John, that that Land, which has been purchas'd & warranted to us, is the Honourable Proprietor's: We are willing that the said Captain continue his Habitation on our Land, & that he enjoy the Use of all the Land he has hitherto cleared. We will also consider him as our Tenant, but without any Payment of Rent to us, because the said Place has been a Settlement of his Forefathers; and we will not drive any body from such a Right, was it only a simple Imagination.

We wish that all might be brought to a speedy Accommodation & confirmed & warranted between us by the Magistracy; and that some necessary Conditions for maintaining Peace & Order might be inserted in the Warrant.

Signed for the Commons at Nazareth and Bethlehem


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