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March 7, 1745

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Sunday, March 7

Lord Christ, light of my life, let the light of Your wounds illuminate my every step. Ps. 119:105; Rev. 3:10. Quite a large number of Indians were present in the early meeting. They sat in a row on a bench. They are respectful at the meetings and listen with great attention. The imprisoned brethren at New York had many visitors and could quite heartily bear witness to their Savior. At noon, both the Bluhmes ate with us. We spoke with them in general about his awakening and marriage. Unexpectedly, a little child was born to Anton Albrecht. He asked the congregation to baptize it. The columns came one after the other to Br. Joseph, each one with its Diener. It was recommended to them to think upon the synod without thinking. All were pleased and happy. Yesterday Oberhölzer, a Baptist, arrived in Bethlehem for a visit. Br. Schnell and Kohn waited upon him. Br. Schnell preached at Maguntschy and also taught catechism to the children. Jos. and Marie had a lovefeast with the workers who will remain here during the synod. They told them how they wanted things done during their absence. Ludwig Kloz and his wife brought their child, who had been baptized by us, into the congregation. It and the father and mother were blessed most sincerely with prayer and supplication. Today our congregation council was very nice. We reminded everyone that they should not ask curious questions of the Indians who come to visit us and also not get into religious discourses with them. We do not want to begin with them from doctrine. First they must get a different concept of Christ and His people from our behavior. Relative to some brethren and sisters staying awake late, no definite rule was established. This much was said, that it would be a blessing if one went to bed after the hourly intercession with the Savior on one's mind, in order to get up again for the morning blessing. All the visiting Indians gathered in the house of Thomas. He gave them a friendly evening meal in love. Isaac, Josua, and Nathanael were also present. Nineteen of them were there together. They all sat on the ground. Benjamin Sommer wrote to Jos[eph] and Mary and asked for baptism and for our intercession. Br. Seydel asked Isaac, Nathanael, and Josua about their impression of Prostration with the congregation lying face down at the feet of Jesus. They had witnessed it eight days ago but had not participated in it. They told him with tears how important this matter was for them, that they also had had it after Communion in Checomeko, but oh, how great it would be for them if they would be allowed to participate in the congregation here. So they were allowed to do this, as was our Br. Benjamin. The children's quarter-of-an-hour services in Nazareth, which were begun eight days ago, continue to be held with blessing. After his sermon at Moden Creek, Br. Lischy held a heartfelt and brotherly discussion with about seven men; one of his enemies asked for forgiveness, and he embraced him with tender love. At Heydelberg, the brethren and sisters had a very cordial lovefeast. They felt the presence of the Lamb among them with grace and blessing.


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