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August 7, 1742

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Source document location: Moravian Archives - Bethlehem, Pa.
Bethlehem Diary, Volume I
Helfer-Conferenz, August 7.

1. A single man, Samuel Mau, a former servant [redemptioner] in Oley, has reported to us that his master, to whom he still owes f6-10, had given him a few days off to find another master of his own choice. Otherwise, he would be inclined to sell him to another owner. He indicates a desire to be with the congregation and seems to be drawn to the Saviour. The matter was considered, and it was decided that Bro. Andreas Eschenbach, to whom be is known as well as to several other brethren, was to arrange the matter and advance the f6-10 to him to enable him to satisfy his master. He is, however, to remain, not -as a servant among us but in the capacity and at the wages of a regular hired hand until such time as he shall have earned the equivalent of this money and it can further be seen how things may go,

2. In future the bell is to be rung at 7:30 for the early service and struck a number of times at 8 o'clock for breakfast.

3. Except in an emergency the brethren are not to work during the early service but rather attend the service more frequently and be more concerned with making a decent appearance than hitherto.

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