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September 21, 1742

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Source document location: Moravian Archives - Bethlehem, Pa.
Bethlehem Diary, Volume I


On Friday, September 10/21, the following brethren and sisters bade us a cordial farewell: Bro. Ludwig; Anna Nitschmann; Bro. Pyrlaeus; Jannetje, Bro. Mart. Mack's wife; Bro. Josua, an Indian; and Henrich Leinbach, from Oley. They began their journey from Bethlehem to the Indian nations with the heartfelt blessing of the congregation, accompanied by Benigna von Zinzendorf, Bro. Anton Seifert, Christian Frölich, and Sr. Rosina Nitschmann. Bro. Gottlob Büttner went with them as far as Tulpehoken. Sr. Sophia Molther also bade us a cordial farewell and journeyed in their company as far as Oley, since she is to return to Europe in the near future with Bro,. Brandmüller.

Note. Later in Oley and Tulpehoken Bro. Pyrlaeus' plan to journey with these brethren and sisters was changed and he was allowed to return to his congregation. In his place Bro. Peter Böler was chosen to accompany them as far as Schomoko; he, therefore, joined them in Tulpehoken from Philadelphia. Bro. Anton Seifert, Christian Fröhlich, Rosina Nitschmann, and Benigna von Zinzendorf returned here in the evening from their journey in the company of said brethren and sisters. The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity, September 12/23. It was agreed in the congregation council: 1. The night watch is to be taken this week on Sunday, by the sisters; on Monday, by Bro. Ronner; on Tuesday, by Bro. G. Ender; on Wednesday, by Bro. Fr. Post; on Thursday, by Adolph Meyer; on Friday, by Abraham Buninger; on Saturday, watch by Bro. Nath. Seidel's band. 2. Andreas, the Negro, is to be the sacristan this week. 3. Bro. Bryzelius is to conduct the preaching service from 10 to 12 o'clock. Accordingly, Bro. Bryzelius conducted the morning preaching service in German, Bro. Hagen the meeting in English, and Bishop Nitschmann the afternoon meeting in German. Bro. Christian Frölich left this afternoon for Tulpehoken to go to Bro. Ludwig and his travel companions.

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