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January 9, 1745

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Source document location: Moravian Archives - Bethlehem, Pa.
Bethlehem Diary, Volume II


Saturday, January 9

It [the watchword] read: Take these words with you and be converted to the Lord and sa to Him, "Forgive us all our sins and y be good to us. Then we will offer You the calves [i.e., sacrifices; see Hosea 14:2] of our lips. " You poor children of grace, who have the fame of sinners more than one thousand others and have your good King, to Whom no mite is too small, endowed with nothing that is yours. With this watchword the Indian Br. Jonathan of Checomeco arrived with letters from Br. Büttner, in which he could not adequately describe his joy concerning the two Indian brethren, Jonathan and Jonas, who had lost their way, had been wept over with many tears, and had now come to themselves again. They reported, further, that they had received orders from the governor either to go away from Checomeco or be severely punished, and that unless they were willing to swear allegiance to the king they should not continue to be active as teachers in public or in private. These circumstances were at once commended to the members of the Helpers' Conference for prayer. Br. and Sr. Utley arrived in Bethlehem from Philadelphia happy and in good health.

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