bullet Bethlehem Diary - November 12, 1763

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[Symbol for Saturday] November 12

was the Children’s Gemeintag. They began the same in the morning in the normal way with their Litany, Gemeinlein here, etc., and heard [read], in the next gathering, from the Children’s Gemeintag in Herrnhut on October 9 of last year, and also various Personalia from children who have gone home [died]. In the afternoon, during their Agape [Lovefeast], they welcomed the Brethren who have come from Europe with a dear song. Br. Petrus then read them a heartfelt little letter from the children in the Girl’s House in Herrnhut, to whom they sung the following verse: Let her soul—move with your soul, etc., Your sweat—let it rain over her, etc., Press her to your heart, etc., We commend her to your soul, etc. Afterwards Br. Nathanael held a very blessed sermon for them on the Daily Text about the heavenly calling of God that is held before them in dear Jesus, and so he prayed on his knees over them that each and every one follow this calling, receive his place in Jesus’ heart, and forever be able to know for what purpose the blessing of the Lord and His Gemeine is laid on these unworthy recipients. The blessed feeling of His presence, which so markedly accompanied this gathering, was new proof that His heart, His desire, depends on that which one calls children of the earth.

In the Prayer Gathering, the hymn: The God of our Covenant, etc. was sung in consideration of the Daily Text: I tell all of your reward, and afterwards the Epithalamium was sung with the Gemeine.


Transcription and translation by Katherine Carté Engel

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