bullet Bethlehem Diary - November 14, 1763

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[Symbol for Monday] November 14

In the morning, Br. Nathanael went with Br. Frommelt and Br. Theirsch to Nazareth, to introduce them to the Pedagogio, as it is they who, with Br. Lembke, will soon take over the direction of the same.

Br. Petrus and Br. Horsfield set out for Philadelphia with Br. Marschall, who already left for there 14 days ago, to wait on the new Honorable Governor and to give him an address in the name of the Brethren.

In the afternoon, the Children heard read the blessed opportunities of the festival of the children in Herrnhut on November 13 of last year, [they heard it] with renewed impression because of yesterday’s day of blessings.

At the normal time, there was the reading-service for the Gemeine, and at 9 o’clock the Singstunde, in which [the Gemeine] concentrated on: I am miserable before you and have nothing pleasing in me, etc.

Transcription and translation by Katherine Carté Engel

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