bullet Journal of the Commission - 1759

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February 13th 1759

Present. Bechtel, Schrop, Okely, Weber.

It being concluded that Rudolph Christy, who had
hitherto lived on our Land over the Water, & found it too
Difficult for him to support himself & Family there, sho.d
be removed to Gnadenthal, He was accordingly sent
for & told he might remove the sooner the better.
Upon hearing this he seemed quite overjoy’d & express’d
great Satisfaction & Thankfulness to the Brethren for
their Love & Kindness shewn him.
Upon being asked what his Mind was concerning the [sic]
he had in the Brethren’s Hands, he express’d himself to
the following Effect. Viz.t That he had hitherto taken Interest
of the Brethren for no other Reason but because he must
provide for himself, but as he was now going to live
in the Oeconomy with the Brethren, he expected no
Interest for his Money, & desired it might be accepted
as a small Acknowledgem.t for his & his Family’s
Board & Support amongst the Brethren.
NB See a Declaration sign’d by him afterwards.
  Casper Youngblut, having been a proper Time on Trial
& having a liking to the Shomaker’s Trade, he was
accordingly given over to Br. Tanneberger his Master.
William Beaverhaut
, in like Manner to Casper
Hellerman to learn the Taylor’s Trade.


19th February

Present Bechtel & the rest of the before named Members.

It having been considered, that great Inconveniences &
Damage had arose for want to proper Persons appointed in
each respective Choir ^with whom the Pilgrim Brethren & Sisters
could leave their Things when they left Bethlehem
Agreed unanimously that Br. Boeckel sho.d be the
Person in the Married Choir, & the Wardens, as hitherto, in
the Single Choirs, sho.d at all Times & on every Occasion
take Charge of the Chests & Things left by such Brethren
& Sisters to keep them in good order & prevent their spoiling
by Dust, Moths, &c. And for that End to enter them regularly
down in a Book, & deliver a Copy of all such Entrys from
Time to Time to this Committee; and nothing to be
distributed or given away without their Privity &
The bad Situation of the Negroe Joseph was discuss’d & it was thought improper for him for the future to eat with
the rest of the Brethren. In general, the Proposal of the
Conference for sending him to Lititz to be under the Care
& Inspection of Br. Eberhart, was thought Advisable.

25th April 1759
Present Br. Bechtel, Schropp, Okely, Weber
Matthias Gimlee, a Taylor, having signified his Intention
of leaving Bethlehem, he was called & asked what he had
to object, & if he had any Thing ag.t the Brethren? &c.
He said all he had to object was ag.t one Bro.r (the
Master he work’d) who as he believed had abused him
which was the sole Cause of his desire to leave Beth.
He was told, if he persisted in his Resolution, he sho.d
not be detain’d, but he must sign a General Discharge,
which dischare [sic] being read to him he refused to sign
unless 4.. was given him for the Work he had done
in the Congregation. This being justly objected to he
was dismiss’d for the present.


26th April.
Present. The same Members as the Day preceding.
Brother Birnbaum was called & spoke with ab.t his
Disobedience in not complying with what what was
requested of him by the Brethren, Viz.t To be the Table
Servant, An Office no one else at that Time co.d be found
to supply. –Ab.t which he express’d himself to the
following Effect.
That his & his Wife’s Circumstances were such, as wo.d
no admitt his undertaking the Office &c. But he was
very sorry that in the Manner of his declaring himself
he had not observed a due Decorm in his Behavior
to Br. Lawatsch, & for which he was always ready to
ask his Pardon &c.
Matthew Gimlee
was called & again ask’d if he wo.d
Sign the Discharge which had been read to him Yesterday
but he still persisted in his Refusal.
Br. Hellerman, the Master Taylor, was, sent for & told
wherein, we conceived he had err’d in his Behavior
towards the said Gimlee.


Present May 1st Bechtel, Schropp, & Okely.

Maria Barbara Linebach
, the Daughter of John
Linebach in Oley, aged 20 Years, was sent for & spoke
with ab.t her living in Beth. & told she might continue
a Time & see how she liked it & then we wo.d send for
her again.
Mary Ashley
& Patience Ashley, from New England,
and Cath. Barbara Gumpf, from Maryland, were
sent for & spoke with ab.t their Continuance in Bethlehem
and all of them expressing their Satisfaction with every
Thing, after being told the Nature of our Oeconomy,
they all sign’d the Declaration usual on such Occasions.


June 12.th

Present Bechtel, Hide, Schropp, Weber, Okely.

Jacob Amman
, & Andreas Gumpf, having been for
several Months in Bethlehem, were called & asked if
they were inclined to continue with us? And both of them
expressing their intire Satisfaction & desire to remain
still here upon the Conditions laid before them, they each
of them sign’d the usual Declaration on Admittance.

27th June 1759
Present, Bechtel, Hide Schropp, Okely Weber
A Misunderstanding having arose between Daniel
& his Journeyman. _____ Jenke, ab.t a Key to a
Spinnet, which Jenke claim’d a Right to. We gave
ourselves some Pains to examine into the Matter by
Sundrie Persons, and after hearing the Parties the Matter
was accomodated between them to mutual Satisfaction.


July 14.th
Present The above Members.

Having heard that Jost Jansen, had a Mind to leave
Bethlehem, he was sent for & ask’d ab.t it. He many
Times declared he had no Sort of Dissatisfaction ag.t the
Brethren, but labouring under some bodily Infirmities
wch the Doctors here, he thought did not understand, he
chose to go elsewhere for Relief, ag.t which we having
nothing to object he was dismiss’d in Peace first signing
a Declaration or general Discharge.


July 30.th

Present Bechtel, Schropp, Hide, Okely, Ettwein, Weber.
It having been determined & resolved upon that Paul
Christian Stauber, Henry Seidel, John Musch
Bartholomew Böninghausen
should be imediately sent
away from the Congregation, it was committed to us
to make known the same to them without assigning any
Reasons for it, & to insist upon their departing on the
They all, except Henry Seidel, appeared, & was
accordingly told the same, & appeared very ready
to comply with it if possible to be ready so soon.
For further Questions that were then put to them
& their Answers see a Paper sign’d by some of us
amongst the Committee Papers.


21st August––

Present Bechtel, Schropp, Weber, Okely
Jost Jansen
who had some ago been dismiss’d from
Bethlehem, being now returned and back again, let us know
he was heartily sorry for the step he had taken & was
now very desirous to be taken again anew into the
Oeconomy. For which End he was sent for, spoke with
& told he might stay again in Bethlehem, on Condition
that he sign’d the Declaration usual on Persons being
admitted to live in Bethlehem, which he gladly and
thankfully comply’d with.

Dec.r 12th 1759

Anna Maria Fisher, & Maria Barbara Hintz
were sent for & spoke with ab.t their Desire to live in
Bethlehem, they were made acquainted with our
Oeconomy & its Difficulties, & the End of our coming &
living together, namely, to assist each other mutually
& the Work of our Sav.r in General, & to learn to know
our Sav..r, our greatest Wisdom & Knowledge &c. It was
told them they sho.d take Time to consider of it well & then
we sho.d speak further with them.

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