bullet Agnes Post (d. 1751)

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Thursday, 27 June/8 July, [1751]

Agnes Post, a married Indian sister: Our Freidrich Post’s wife was gathered home by the little Lamb at three o’clock in the morning in Friedenshütten near Bethlehem, and her corporeal home was brought to our Hutberg the following day. She was of the Unenamajack* Nation; was baptized by the blessed Br. Cammerhof here in Bethlehem on March 4, 1749, and on September 24 of that year was married to Br. Post by the same [Br. Cammerhof]. In this marriage they brought forth one little son, Christian Frederick, who went back to the little Lamb very quickly. After her confinement, she was no longer quite healthy and suffered from consumption, from which she passed away soulfully and gently.


Transcription and translation by Katherine E. Carté

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