bullet Timothy Horsfield (1708-1773)

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Timothy Horsfield, from the Married-Persons Choir. He was born in 1708 in Liverpool, in Lancaster in Old-England, and raised in the English church. In his seventeenth year, he came to America, to his brother Israel’s house on Long Island, from whom he learned his profession. On March 30, 1731, he married Mary, born Doughty, who is now his widow. Mr. Jac. Caselian was the first who spoke with him on matters of the heart. In 1739, Horsfield heard Mr. Whitefield preach in New York, and not without an impression on his heart. The Brethren Peter Böhler and David Nitschmann, who came to New York from Georgia that year, were the first Brethren whom he met, and their behavior was particularly remarkable to him. His connection with the Brethren dated from that time, and his house was a shelter for the Pilgrims who traveled to Europe and the West Indies. In 1745, he brought his two eldest children here, and in 1747 another one. In 1748, when Br. Johannes came from St. Thomas to New York and held the Elders-fest there, he attained the Holy Abend Mahl for the first time. Thereafter, in October 1749, he moved here to live with his wife and child and was, after a few years, named as a Justice of the Peace by the Honorable Governor, which position he held for twelve years. In the last Indian disturbances the government requested that he take on the duties of a Colonel for this county. He did this, but after some time he noticed that this position aroused jealousy here and there, and he released himself from this commission, which also meant removal from his duties as Justice. His forty-two year marriage was blessed with eight children, of whom five, as well as the three of the five grandchildren whom he lived to see, are yet living. The second of March he became sick with a raging chest-fever, and nothing that was tried would help. He himself longed for his release, which blessedly took place on the ninth thereafter in the fifth hour. He was in the sixty-fifth year of age.

Transcription and translation by Katherine E. Carté

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