bullet John Matthew Otto (1714-1786)

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August 9, [1786]

Johann Matthaeus Otto, Gemein Doctor and Surgeon here was born November 9, 1714 in Meinungen.* His father was Johann Bernhardt Otto, himself a surgeon, by whom he was assigned to learn surgery, which he afterwards found occasion to practice in Augsburg. After the death his father’s death, he returned home and took over his father’s patients. Meanwhile, a great awakening occurred in Meinungen and in his family, and various of these—his brother Friedrich, his brother-in-law Koch, and the surgeon Arnold—altogether around twenty people, came from there to the Gemeine. He escorted his brother-in-law Koch, and along the way to Schmalkald** he was powerfully moved, so that he had no peace until he also moved to Herrnhaag in September 1746. In the following years he attained the graces of the Gemeine. In 1750 he went, with sixty-some people, via Holland and England to America, reaching Bethlehem in July. Here he faithfully served the Gemeine and the surrounding areas as a doctor and a surgeon, safely performing many difficult cures through God’s blessing. Thus, his memory is held in much honor. He was also a faithful lover of Jesus Christ and His Gemeine, and a friend of man. On September 7, 1753, he entered into marriage with the Single Sister Johanna Sophia Magdalena, born Drehterin, by whom he had five children. Of these, one son and two daughters are still in life here. In 1776, on February 20, he became a widower, but he married Sister Maria Magdalena, born Schmidtin, on October 28, 1778. She blessedly went home on April 18, 1784. He was overcome by an apoplectic fit on August 7 of this year, which robbed him of his senses. He did not return to himself before he passed away on the above-listed date. His age was seventy-one years and nine months.

*Probably Meiningen, a city in Germany 40 miles southwest of Erfuhrt.
**An area of Thuringia, Germany, near Meiningen.

Transcription and translation by Katherine E. Carté

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