bullet Rosina Neubert (1715-1785)

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Thursday] August 4, [1785]

Rosina Neubert, born Hauer, a married sister.

She was born on September 15, 1705 in Cunewald, in Moravia. Her father was Tobias Hauer, a linen weaver and a secret lover of the evangelical truth. Christian David held meetings in his house. She was charged for this, and had to perform four weeks of hard labor, alongside thirty other souls, and then afterwards was forced into service in the public house. There she was for a half year, which was 1726; eight days before Christmas, the blessed Br. Piesch came from Herrnhut to lead her out. She had prayed to God in the stillness for her rescue. Three days before the new year she left with him in deep snow and cold winter weather, and came safely to Herrnhut on January 14. There, she lived through both the difficulties and the blessings that were experienced in the early days of Herrnhut. She took part in and celebrated with many blessings the 13th and the 27th of days of August 1727, and was a member of the hourly-prayer group. When the Bands or societies were established, she was assigned with holding the first Single Sisters’ community. While she served in Berthelsdorf, she achieved forgiveness for her sins and received mercy, and when the single women were spoken to over the grounds for their salvation, she told her story simply. After a trip to Moravia in July 1728, with Anna Berger who was fetching a child whom she had left behind, where she [Rosina] experienced many special protections, she came again to Herrnhut, in the kitchen of the Orphans’ House. She was blessed as an eldress of the Single Sisters in the beginning of 1729. She was among the eighteen Single Sisters who, on May 4, 1730, made a bond not to follow their own discretion in the matter of their marriages, but to give themselves to Jesus’ heart and His guidance, which agreement the Savior has so blessed. On November 26, 1734 she was married to Daniel Neubert by Herr Rothe*; the first marriage performed in the Herrnhut Saal. On that date in 1784 she celebrated here in Bethlehem her fiftieth wedding anniversary with her dear husband, to her and the whole GemeineŐs joy.

After she and her husband had served in Europe in various capacities, in East Friesland, Holland, and Hollstein, they came to this land in 1742. Here they have served as workers in Heidleberg, Makuntsche,** Donnegall, Warwick, and Schšneck, and also in Nazareth in the Widow’s housekeeping. Since 1772, they have been retired here in [in Bethlehem]. She was a simple and child-like heart, and stood in communion with the Savior. She must have suffered much from an internal infection, before she blessedly passed away on the afternoon of the above-mentioned day. Her age was six weeks short of eighty years. She was buried on Friday, August 5.

*Pastor of the parish of Berthelsdorf, which included Herrnhut.

Transcription and translation by Katherine E. Carté

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