bullet Rachel Post (d. 1747)

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Tuesday, 15/26 Dec. [1747]

Rahel, the Indian-woman, who was married to Friedrich Post in Shecomeco in September 1743, went home to the Lamb, with a truly childlike, pleasing, and blessed heart. Her father, Lucas, and grandmother Theodora were buried in our God’s Acre in October of this year, as well as her little daughter Maria, today. With her last breaths, she bore a little son whom she had carried for six months. He had already left his little body, and was laid in her arms in the coffin. He was buried with her on our peaceful hill by Joseph Spangenberg, after he [Spangenberg] had praised her to those to whom her sickness and passing had been a trial, with a sermon about election and the faithfulness of the Savior.

Transcription and translation by Katherine E. Carté


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