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Transactions Moravian Historical Society:

"Register of Members of the Moravian Church, and of Persons Attached to Said Church in this Country and Abroad, ,Between 1727 and 1754"; translated from a MS. in the handwriting of the Rev. Abraham Reinke; by W. C. Reichel; Vol. 1.

"Some of the Fathers of the American Moravian Church".;by Bishop Edmund de Schweinitz; Vol. 2.

"A Brief History of the Widows' Society of Bethlehem"..with lists of members and beneficiaries; by Dr. AugustusSchultze; Vol. 2.

The Old Moravian Cemetery of Bethlehem, Pa."; by Dr. Augustus Schultze; Vol. 5.

"The Moravian Graveyards at Nazareth, Pa."; by Rev. Edward T. Kluge; Vol. 7.

"The Moravian Graveyards of Lititz, Pa."; by Abraham Reinke Beek; Vol. 7.

"History of the Moravian College and Theological Seminary"; by Rev. William N. Schwarze, Ph.D., D.D; Vol. 8.

"Historical Sketch of Graceham, Frederick County, Maryland"; by Rev. A. L. Oerter; Vol. 9.

History of the Moravian Missions Among the Indiana of the White River in Indiana"; by Rev. Harry E. Stocker; Vol. 10.

"A History of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1741-18920; by Bishop Joseph Mortimer Levering; Bethlehem, Pa, 1903.

"Historical Sketch of Bethlehem in Pennsylvania, with Some Account of the Moravian Church"; by John Hill Martin; Philadelphia, 1872.

"Sketches of Moravian Life and Character"; by James Henry; Philadelphia, 1859.

"Historical Sketch of Nazareth Hall from 1755 to 18690; by William C. Reichel; Philadelphia, 1869.

"A History of the Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies at Bethlehem, Pa." by William C. Reichel and William H. Bigler; Bethlehem, 1901.

"Memorials of the Moravian Church"; by William C. Relchel; Philadelphia, 1870.

"History of the Moravian Church in Philadelphia, from its Foundation in 1742 to the Present Time"; C. Sherman & Son; Philadelphia, 1857.

"The Moravian Manual; Containing an Account of the Moravian Church, or Unitas Fratrum"; Second Edition; by Edmund de Schweinitz; Bethlehem, 1869.

"A History of the Church Known as the Moravian Church, or the Unitas Fratrum"; by Bishop J. Taylor Hamilton; Bethlehem,1900.

Burial Book of the Moravian Church, Lancaster, 1744-18210; translation by George M. Steinman; Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania; Vol. X.

Annual Reports of the Board of Elders of the Moravian Congregation of Bethlehem, Pa; 1891-1935.

Clewell Family History.

Knauss Genealogy; by Wilbur L. King; Bethlehem, 1930.

The Moravian

Bethlehem Daily Times

Bethlehem Globe-Times.

"Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of the Lehigh Valley,, Pa."; by John W. Jordan, et al; New York-Chicago, 1905.

"History of Northampton County, Pa."; by William J. Heller; The American Historical Society; Boston-New York-Chicago,1920.

History of Lehigh and Carbon Counties"; by Mathews and Hungerford; Philadelphia,1884.

"History of Lehigh County, Pa."; by Charles R. Roberts, et al; Allentown, 1914.

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