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Bethlehem Boarding School Administrative Documents

Inspector (Principal) Andrew Benade and a selection of administrative documents

In 1789, just four years after reorganization of the Bethlehem Boarding School for Girls and the beginning of open enrollment for non-Moravians, Principal Joahann Andreas Hübner wrote “...to make as little Trouble to them your Tutoresses as possible, we have thought fit to lay down a plan by which all our scholars are in future desired to regulate their conduct.” The significance of authoritarian rule in loco parentis and a broader view of evolving Moravian school governance can be found in the Boarding School’s administrative documents.

James Talarico    

Bethlehem Boarding
School for Girls
Administrative Documents

· Philip Christian Bader’s
  1752 "Diary" documenting
  tour of Moravian schools

· Joahann Andreas Hübner’s
  rules for conduct at the 1789
  Bethlehem Boarding School

· Hübner’s draft of "House Rules"
  for the Bethlehem Boarding
  School for Girls

· Hübner’s daily routine for the
  Bethlehem Boarding School

· Andrew Benade’s 1801 draft
  of rules for the Bethlehem
  Boarding School for Girls

· Benade’s fines for violations of
  rules at the Bethlehem Boarding
  School for Girls, 1801-1810

· Henry Steinhauer’s rules
  and regulations for the 1816
  Bethlehem Boarding School