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Ever since the year 1788 the Children have had no proper rules or Statutes, since those, that were in possession of the school at the time, were only compos’d for a small number of children, I presume; that the greatest number of our scholars, have hitherto followed the advice of their Tutoresses, which must, & I hope allways is a rule with them you, but, to make as little Trouble to them your Tutoresses as possible, we have thought fit to lay down a plan by which all our scholars are in future desired to regulate their conduct.) In all Schools & Institutions similar to this, there are certain rules & rites drawn out, to which the scholars must conform, not only the rules of the School but likewise their behaviour to those that are [1] above them, & to their equals. If ever this school is to prove beneficial, our scholars must watch their own behaviour with more severity, & never be pleas’d with themselves, when they find they have transgress’d in one single thing that is against the Rules of the school, By that means, you would get so accustomed to good Order & behaviour, that you all would take delight in doing what is laudable & commendable. The Children never were [2] allow’d to speak [3] in [...]

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1. “their Superiors” is written between lines above “those that are”
2. “are not” is written between lines above “never were”
3. “to talk” is written between lines above “to speak”

Joahann Andreas Hübner’s
rules for conduct at the 1789
Bethlehem Boarding School
for Girls

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Hübner transcription is presented as
written, with underlined/crossed out text,
original spelling and capitalization.