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Detail of student silk painting

Detail of unknown student's silk painted Christmas card

A painting on silk, a book of “cyphering,” and a bill of sale from a local merchant are all examples of primary sources provided here that offer a brief glimpse into the life of students at the school during the Early American Republic. Extant student work from the Female Seminary reveals not only the ability of the individual student who created it but also the collective educational values of the community and of the nation as a whole as it sought to advance the emerging ideals of Republican motherhood. Related documents provide a look into the daily life of students beyond the classroom.

Beth Fuchs    

Moravian Seminary for
Young Ladies student work
and related documents

· 1790 Cyphering Book

· Silk Painted Christmas Card

· Boarding School for Girls
  "Scholars" Cartouche

· Boarding School for Girls
  Student Floral Art

· Berlin Woolwork Patterns