bullet Seminary for Young Ladies

Historical Sketch. Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies. Bethlehem. Penna. Founded 1785. * Bethlehem, Pa.: Moravian Publication Office, 1876.

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* In his introduction to the fourth edition of A History of the Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies at Bethlehem, Pa., (1901) J. Mortimer Levering points out that a girls’ school was established in 1742 in Germantown and transferred to Bethlehem in 1743. While maintaining a day school for older girls in Bethlehem, the boarding school operations were moved to Nazareth in 1745. In 1749 the boarding school was returned to Bethlehem. In 1751, space constraints and growing enrollment forced authorities to accept only daughters of Moravian church members. In 1785 the school was reorganized to accept Moravian and non-Moravian students.


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