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1996 Peter Conference

· David Hildebrand (Peabody Conservatory of Music)
"The rise of the music business in late 18th-century America"

· Richard Hulan (Arlington, Virginia)
"Swedish influences on the Moravian Church and its music in Colonial America"

· Gail Miller (Catholic University of America)
"M. St. Aivre and the refinement of America: French opera in New York, 1790"

· Daryl Hollinger (Ephrata Cloister Chorus)
"Music of the 18th-century Ephrata Cloister: a spiritual discipline"

· Timothy Sharp (King College, Bristol, Tennessee)
"The Passion-oratorio Maria und Johannes (J. A. P. Schulz) in Pennsylvania Moravian life"

· Pauline Fox (New York University)
"A new window onto a widening repertoire"

· Alice Caldwell (Easton, Connecticut)
"Tune interludes in Moravian chorale performance"

· Lou Carol Fix (Moravian University)
"The music of young Moravian girls and the American musical mainstream"

· Paul Larson (Moravian University) and others
"The Moravian spirit"

· Nola Reed Knouse (Moravian Music Foundation)
"Not to glory, but to serve: the musical gifts of Johann Friedrich Peter"

· C. Daniel Crews (Moravian Archives, Winston-Salem)
"Your humble servant: the life of Johann Friedrich Peter"

· Paul Larson (Moravian University)
"J. F. Peter and the American Revolution"

· Karen Carter-Schwendler (Miami University of Ohio)
"First-movement sonata form in the string quintets of Johann Friedrich Peter: a reconsideration"

· Jewel Ann Smith (University of Cincinnati)
"The Kummer Collection: gender and music in the Moravian settlement of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania"

· C. Daniel Crews (Moravian Archives, Winston-Salem)
"Moravian worship and the why of Peter’s music"

· Peter Vogt (Kittery Point, Maine)
"The cultivation of Gemeinmusik: Moravian music in the context of Moravian spirituality in the 18th century"

· Vernon Nelson (Moravian Archives, Bethlehem)
"Johann Friedrich Peter’s environment: the communities in which he lived and worked"

· Tom Minor (Moravian University)
"What’s new in Moravian studies."


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