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2000 Square Piano Conference

· Albert Frank (Moravian Archives, Northern Province)
"Zinzendorf for Dummies"

· C. Daniel Crews (Moravian Archives, Southern Province)
"Zinzendorf’s Hymns: Theology in Song"

· C. Daniel Crews & Nola Knouse (Moravian Music Foundation)
"Nothing if Not Consistent: Moravian Ideals, Moravian Music"

· Christina Ekstrom (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
"What Was Moravian Music and Liturgy Like in Sweden During the 18th Century?"

· Stewart Carter (Wake Forest University)
"Trombone Choirs of the Unitas Fratrum in America: Some New Avenues for Research"

· Peter Vogt (Boston University)
"'LORD GOD! By us be blest': The Moravian Te Abba in the 1759 Litany Book"

· Pauline Fox (East Stroudsburg, PA)
"Two Moravian Manuscript Books Newly Inventoried"

· Diane McMullen (Union College, New York):
"Freylinghausen’s Geistreiches Gesangbuch of 1704 and its Influence on Gregor’s Choralbuch of 1784"

· Trudi Vorp Wright (Bowling Green State University)
"Moravian Hymnody: Transmission and Tradition"

· Laurence Libin (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
"Pennsylvania, Cradle of Piano Making"

· Paul Peucker (Herrnhut Archives, Germany)
"The Music Holdings in the Herrnhut Archives"

· Nola Knouse: "Issues in Editing Moravian Music"

·  Sally Caitlin Park (Columbia University)
"Making the Accord of Instrument and Style"

· Jewel Smith (Univ. of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music)
"Malthaner Pianos at the Moravian Young Ladies' Seminary in Antebellum Bethlehem"

· Michael Cole (Cheltenham, England)
"Contextualizing the Square Pianos in the Payne Gallery Exhibition"


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