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The Comprehensive Report

on the Brethren’s Negotiations

in Bethlehem and Gnadenhütten

with the Nanticokes and Shawnee

Nations from April 1752

and also on the Pact Made with

Both Nations at That Time

in Gnadenhütten,

on the same visit to Bethlehem

in July 1752 etc.

Being grieved once again, about the nations of the Nanticokes and Shawnees in and around Wyoming (which made Jünger’s {Johanan’s} heart heavy for 10 years already); so it was resolved to send a couple of Brethren from Gnadenhütten to visit the Indians. For this purpose both Brothers Nathanael and Petrus were selected. To that end they came to Bethlehem on Thursday, March 30th. Monday, April 3rd 1752, as on the second Easter holiday, there was a Lovefeast at 8 o’clock in the morning in a small hall in Bethlehem, where various messengers and pilgrims received their dispatch and so did these two Brothers Nathanael and Petrus receive orders pertinent to their intended visit to Wyoming. Tuesday, April 4th, they left together from Bethlehem to go to Gnadenhütten. Thursday, April 6th immediately after the morning blessing Br. Martin held one more Lovefeast with Brothers Nathanael and Petrus and also had a heart-felt dialogue with them, especially about a close relationship with the dear Savior. And then we let them follow their road blessed and in peace to Nescopeko and Wyoming.

Sunday, April 16th. Brothers Nathanael and Petrus came back from their visit to Nescopeko and Wyoming delighted and pleased.

On April 7th they arrived in Nescopeko healthy and pleased and our Gottlieb’s brother himself took them into his hut and gave them a very friendly reception. In a short while the Indians who were at home came to the hut, where they [Nathanael & Petrus] lodged and welcomed them. They sat down at their fire, and discussed various matters, which gave Br. Nathanael an opportunity to say a little about the love of the Savior with the friendliness of his heart. The Indians sat very quietly and listened attentively. And so on the next day they visited again and took the opportunity to tell them a little more about the Savior.

On the 9th Br. Nathanael visited old Nutumer, who rejoiced over the visit of his beloved Indian Brethren from Gnadenhütten. Br. Nathanael told him, that they came here for the same reason, because they loved him. They also told him a little about the Savior’s love. On the 10th, in the afternoon, they visited the Indians in their huts once again and took leave together. The Indians for their part were very friendly and thanked them for the visit. And so they [Nathanael & Petrus] traveled several miles to Wyoming in the evening. On the 11th in the afternoon, they arrived at Wyoming where a Chief, whom Nathanael knew from last autumn, welcomed them and lodged them in his house, and put them up in the same space they occupied last fall. They were not there long when the Chiefs who were at home arrived and visited with them. The Chiefs were very friendly and brotherly and expressed their regret that most of their young people were not at home, but out hunting; they stayed with each other until late in the night.

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Translation by Rachel Wheeler & Irakly Chkhenkely


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