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At 9 o’clock, the Overseer gave a Fathom of Wampum with the following words:

1. That your Brethren, the two sent before, were sent to let the Brethren in Gnadenhütten know, that many of their people are coming.

2. That they are on their way and during the whole journey had nothing but strawberries to eat for themselves and for their children, whereby some of the elderly are already weakened.

3. That at first they were willing to go to Bethlehem, but because they are so exhausted from lack of nourishment, they only want to come here.

4. That Gnadenhütten had a big name among them, and therefore their elderly came along too see Gnadenhütten, and they hope to become better acquainted with us within half a year.

Brother Schmick let him know through Indian Brother Nathanael, that we would be very pleased by their visit and rejoice from the heart. Then young Moses brought several loaves of bread straight away to the arriving party. At George Mack’s, half an hour from us, he met four Nanticokes, who were emaciated and hungry. Moses gave them the bread to distribute among others. As they thanked him for it they said: when we are together, and have eaten the bread, we will come to you.

Brother Schmick sent them some tobacco with Nathanael. In the meantime, food was put on the fire, so they could be fed right after their arrival.

At four o’clock they heard singing from a distance. The closer they came, the more delightful it sounded (according to Nathanael, the Indian’s testimony, it was a song of praise and went: we are happy, that we may visit) the song could be heard as far as our houses. Even if we did not understand immediately, one could not resist tears of joy in the face of such an arrival.

As they came upon our barn, our old Abraham went to greet them, welcomed them sincerely and led them through our yard to old Solomon’s cottage, which he had tidied up for them. The elderly went ahead one after another, the men carried their rifles over their shoulders, followed by the women with their children also one after another, in such an orderly and calm way, that it was very gratifying and respectable to watch. There were 52 Nanticokes with three children.

Our brown Brethren stood in front of the cabins and were pleased about these people’s arrival, and we thanked the Savior for the grace, which he grants us through the visit to Gnadenhütten, and wished from our hearts, that the Savior may see to it that today’s watchword: I am the Master your God be fulfilled to these people.

As soon these guests were well lodged in their huts, except the weak ones, whom our congregation laid down, our Indian servants brought them cooked deer meat with Sapan to eat. It was then distributed by their own table servants among themselves: during the meal there came 20 more, who also received their share, so that they were all quite happy and grateful.

The white congregation watched from a distance and was happy that it tasted so good to them. Toward evening, the Chiefs handed over a white and blue Fathom of Wampum though White who interpreted into the English language to our Nathanael with the following words:

Brothers! I come from my house to your house and I follow the path from my house to your house. As I have come to you, so I have rejoiced: you have given me plenty to eat and drink, tobacco and everything else. Now I want to say one more word:

Brothers! Now you are one, white and brown Brethren, we would like to know the day, which you should tell us, when we can let you hear our words [i.e. when we will deliver our message].

Brother Schmick answered through Nathanael: They may be patient until tomorrow. This morning a messenger was sent to Brother Joseph in Bethlehem, and tomorrow we are expecting the Brethren from there, possibly Brother Martin too, and when they had come, so the day would be made known to them.


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Translation by Rachel Wheeler & Irakly Chkhenkely

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