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A JOURNAL kept at
begun in
December, 1789


The interesting Journal of Maria Rosina Unger is a booklet, 4 by 6½inches, with a red cover, evidently a home made product. The writing is in English.

Maria Rosina was born in Lancaster, Apr. 27,1775, a daughter of the Rev. Frederick Unger and wife, Anna C., m.n. Rose, the latter a daughter of Peter Rose and wife, Catharine, m.n. Butmansky. The last named is the "dr. Grandmamy" referred to in the Journal.

Maria Rosina taught in the Bethlehem Seminary from 1793-1805. She married Nov. 25, 1804 at Bethlehem, John Constantine Mueller, born Sept. 24, 1762, a son of John Caspar, a merchant from Salzungen, Grand Duchy of Meiningen, and wife Anna Elizabeth, m.n. Schloder Mueller. At various times he served as overseer of the unmarried men at Bethlehem, and of the married people at Lititz. Following the death of his wife, he married Anna Sophia Christ, and served as minister of the congregations at Lancaster, and at York, where he died Sept. 30, 1821. Maria Rosina died in 1809 at Lititz.

The Journal came into the possession of her sister Anna Catharine Frederica, mentioned as Any in the Journal, who became the wife of Rev. Nathaniel Brown, pastor of the Congregation at Staten Island, N.Y. The latter's daughter, Charlotte Fredericka,, was also a teacher in the Bethlehem Seminary and later married Charles Frederick Beckel of Bethlehem,, the great grandfather of Clarence E. Beckel, the present owner* of the Journal.

Several pages in the rear of the book contain writing in the hand of Anna C.F. (Unger) Brown, sister to Maria Rosina, with extracts from the Bible and comments on her complete Trust in the Lord.

There are also several pages written in German by the mother, giving facts relating to the birth and early life of her three daughters: Anna Catharine Fredericka, born, Nov. 16 1772 Maria Rosina, born Apr. 27, 1775; and Johanna Elizabeth, born July 27,1779. The last named died Jan. 28, 1785 in Bethlehem.

The original spelling and punctuation were retained in copying the Journal.

Clarence E. Beckel


Thursday and Wednesday 2d-3d Dec.
Nothing particular happened.

Friday 4th. Dec.
We had singing school in the forenoon. In the afternoon took a walk as it was a beautiful day.

Satturday 5th.
To day was our prayerday, the lst. meeting was kept by Br. Peter, the next by Br. Huebener, he read a journal of Newyork. In the afternoon there was a lovefeast in which we sung some verses of our Saviour's birth; afterward was prostration to which 5 children had leave to go. It snow'd middling hard to day for the 3rd time this winter. We employed ourselves with painting for christmas. In the evening was private meeting I could not attend it, on account of my having a bad toothache. Sr. Liesel Steiner and Sr. Langgaard spent the evening with us, as Sr. Sulamith was gone to meeting.

Sunday Dec. 6th. 1789.
The first meeting was kept by Br. Huebner, he read some lifes of deceased Brn. and Srs. The next was german preaching kept by Br. Grube. At 3 oClock in the afternoon Mr. Huebner read a journal from the indian country; which was in a whole hour & a quarter. The snow melted all away today. I made a vesper with Miss Beyerhoudt and Polhemus of chocolate. Sr. Mary was well enough to come downstairs and spend the afternoon with us. Our supper was milk and appe pye [apple pie] after which we went again to meeting & then to bed.

Monday 7th.
Miss Molly Barton returned home this morning, who had been here some weeks. In the first school we read the prophesies of Isaiah of our Saviour's birth. After diner I kept my music schools, & then went on writing notes.

Tuesday 8th.
The schools to day were as usual. Brother Grube kept the children's meeting. In the afternoon kept my music school.

Wednesday 9th.
This morning Br. Huebner came to teach us book keeping. Our dr. Brother Frues kept the children's meeting, he indeed spoke beautiful. In the afternoon we took a long walk to Mr. Clewels & intended to drink tea there, but they being very busy, we drank by Mr. Colvers, where we spend the time with innocent plays. Sr. Stehlin spend the evening with us.

Thursday 10th.
As this was my day I swept the room. Our first school was Geography, the rest were as usual. After diner we went over the lehigh, to fetch moss & greens for christmas, of which we found plenty.

Friday 11th.
We finish'd ancient History & began modern. Mr. Grube kept our singing school, to learn christmas verses. After diner I had my music school.

Saturday 12th.
The day was spent very agreeable, in various occupations.

Sunday 13th.
Br. Frues kept a beautiful preaching from Matthew 11 chap. 2 verse. In the evening went to another, which Br. Huebner kept.

Monday 14th.
Our first school was reading in the Bible. In the writing school I composed a letter to my Parents in which I enclosed some of my paintings, In the evening Mr. Huebner was so kind as to instruct Miss Blakeley & myself in music.

Tuesday 15th.
Our first schools were Gramar & Arithmetic. It being fine weather we took an agreeable walk.

Wednesday 16th.
Our school from 8 till 9 treated of the origin and progress of the turks. It was very-disagreeable weather, which prevented us from meeting & walk.

Thursday 17th.
We read about Pensylvania it's different sects & principle towns. It being a rainy day we could not take a walk, but in the evening went to meeting.

Friday 18th.
We had a very agreeable history school. The weather being somewhat better, we took a short walk.

Saturday 19th.
I was busy in making up my Sunday petticoat. In the afternoon I drank tea with my Grandmamy accompanied by my Sister Any. After which I had the pleasure to receive a letter from my dear Parents & some money. We took a short but pleasant walk. In the evening had the grace to go to the holy comunion.

Sunday 20th.
Sister Magdalena stayed with us as Sister Suly was gone to the Lord's-supper. After which was Lord's-supper liturgy, which I attended. After diner Miss Moore & myself made a vesper of chocolate. Afterwards Mr. Huebner paid us a short visit & read my letter. In the evening we at-tended meeting.

Monday 21st.
This morning we heard, that Sr. Artmut Langley (had the last night) departed this Life. To day we had no schools, but were busy in painting & preparing for Christmas.

Tuesday 22nd.
In the evening we spoke our dialouge for Brother & Sister Huebner who were so kind as to present each of us with a christmas cake.

Wednesday 23rd.
All the representations of the birth of Christ were finished, which were all beautiful. In the afternoon the children took a walk but Miss Bull & myself stayed on account of our bad shoes. Sr. Liesel was so kind as to give me a plate full of cakes, some apples a wax candle and one Shill. as a Christmas present. In the evening Sister Huebner came to take all those children with herself & Mr. Huebner, that had not been with the rest, with whom we took a beautiful walk. In the evening we practised music in the conferenz room, but as Mr. Weis and Mr. Huebner came, it prevented us from practising.

Thursday 24th.
To day being the night watch, we employed ourselves with painting. Sr. Fisher was so kind as to present me with a small plate, some cakes & pins. It snowed middling hard to day. Before meeting we spoke our dialouge. Miss Kip was all day very sick, so that she could not attend the night watch. After we had eaten some supper we went in the meeting hall, in was very full, so that we could go without cloaks. When it was.most out we were suprized by looking on the galary as it was most beautiful illuminated. Afterwards all the brethren came on our side, which (after we had sung our pieces) made us soon go out. We all went happy to bed.

Friday 25th.
In the morning as we came from bed, we found our lb. of cakes laying on the table with a slate pencil from Sr. Langgaar by each, and some apples.. After being washed & comed we went to breakfast where we found sugar cake & coffee. The first meeting was german preaching afterwards english in both of which was beautiful music. At 10Clock, in the afternoon we had our meeting, which was kneeling, kept by Mr. Huebner. In the evening, we spoke our dialouge for our beloved Mr. Frues. After meeting we had the pleasure to go & see the Illuminate of the brethren's house, which was delightful.

Saturday 26th.
The first meeting was reading, the rest were as yesterday. We spoke our dialouge for Sister Ebert, & some more sisters, Sr. Ebert was so kind as to make us a lovefeast of wine & cake. I afterwards drank tea with my dear Grandmamy & Sister. Afterwards some of us took a walk with Sr. Magdalena in some houses to see the Illuminations.

Sunday 27th.
It was a very dull & disagreeable day we attended meeting as usual.

Monday 28th.
Sister Langgaard was so kind as to begin to teach us Chronology. In the afternoon I kept my music schools in the Sisters house. In the evening we went to practice our music in the conferenz room.

Tuesday 29th.
We went on in the same study. This forenoon it snowed very hard. In the evening we again went to practice our music.

Wednesday 30th.
The schools were as usual. In the evening we again went to practise but were interrupted by Mr. Huebner and Mr. Weiss who made beautiful music.

Thursday 31st.
To day we had no schools, it being Newyear's eve. After diner we were rejoyced to hear of Mr. Ettwein's arrival at Hope, but had not the pleasure to see him that evening. I drank Coffee with my dr. Sister Any. This evening we went to meeting which lasted till 12, & concluded the old year. Miss Kip could not attend it, being unwell.

Friday Jan. lst.

My dear Mamy had her birthday, I therefore breakfasted with my Grandmamy and Any. There was english and german preaching in which was beautiful music. In the afternoon drank tea & supped with my Grandm. Afterwards we went to meeting, whilst we were in Mr. Ettwein arrived at Bethm. which was a great joy to all.

Satturday 2nd.

In the morning all the children in our room recd. letters, & some also got goodies. This morning I saw Mr. Ettwein & welcomd him in Bethm. Miss Moore & myself made us chocolate & invited Sr. M.M. afterwards Mr. Ettwein paid us a visit. We took a beautiful walk.

Sunday 3rd.
The day past as usual.

Monday 4th.
The first shool was reading in the Bible of king Solomon's temple. Br. Beck kept children's meeting. In the evening we heard the sorrowful news, that our dr. Mr. Huebner would move to Lititz, & Mr. van Vleck would take his office. Br. Benzien with his wife arrived here.

Tuesday 5th.
In the afternoon Br.& Sr. Benzien came to see us.

Wednesday 6th.
Our shools fell out this forenoon, as Miss Lydia Palmer who had resided here 2 years and returned home, we lost by her going an amiable companion.

Thursday 7th.
We spend the day as usual, nothing particular happened.

Friday 8th.
In the afternoon we were honoured by a visit of Mr.& Mrs. van Vleck & several other European Brn. & Srs.

Satturday 9th.
Our dear Sister Jacobson celebrated her Birthday. The Misses received a great many bundles from their Parents. I drank tea with my dr. Grandmamy.

Sunday 10th.
We attended several meetings & at 2 a lovefeast of Coffee & cake to welcome the europeans in the evening. attended a german discourse.

Monday 11th.
Miss Patty Hammon entered the school a Miss of about 12 years of age from Boston. At 3 Miss Mary Ann Vandainy (a Lady that came to instruct in our Academy) came to see us.

Tuesday 12th.
Nothing particular happened.

Wednesday 13th.
We had very agreeable Schools & in the evening attended meeting, a pretty hard snow fell to day.

Thursday 14th.
Susel Bagin celebrated her birthday & as she lives in our room we made her a lovefeast of wine & cake.

Friday 15th.
We had a very agreeable school at I attended the funeral of a married sister.

Saturday 16th.
Mr. van Zandt & Moore arrived from New-york company visited the school.


This transcription is from the holdings of the Bethlehem Area Public Library.
The original can be found in the collection of the Moravian Museum of the Historic Bethlehem Partnership.


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