bulletRebecca Cist (1787-1825)

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Source location: Moravian Archives, Bethlehem, Pa. Box 8 1821-1830, 1830 folder, #7


Departed July 20, 1825.  Course of life of Rebecca Cist.

Our departed Sr. Rebecca Cist, oldest daughter of our late friend, Mr. Charles S. Cist and Mary late Wise -  was born at Philadelphia on the 19th of March 1787.  She was baptized by the then minister of the evangelical Lutheran Congregation of said city.

Her mother and grand-parents being members of the U. Brethren's Congregation in Philadelphia, she with the whole family regularly attended divine service at our church enjoying the instruction and pastoral care of the ministers of our congregation.

Her constitution from infancy was rather weakly and delicate, but she was enjoying good health.

To her parents, who were paying due attention to the education of their children it was a matter of great 

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