Böhner,  Johann 
Bünninger, Abraham
Burnside, James
Cist, Rebecca 
David, Susannah
Ettwein, Anna Benigna 
Ettwein, John
Garrison, Nicolaus 
Gold, Johann
Horsfield, Elizabeth
Huber, Catherine
Krogstrup, Otto Christoph
Lewis, Elizabeth 
Neisser, George
Nitschmann Sr., David 
Nixdorf, George
Peter, John Frederick
Rice, Joseph
Rose, Peter 
Ross, Mary
Schout, Andrew 
Schlegel, Anna Rosina 
Schropp, Johanna
Seidel, Nathaniel 
Strehle, Rudolph
Till, John Christian
Thomas, Francis
Thorne, William
Werner, Maria
Zeisberger,  Susanna 


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