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Source location: Moravian Archives, Bethlehem, Pa. Diary Beth. Vol. XIV, p. 749

Some Minutes of the Life of Mr. James Burnside
Bethlehem the 10th of August 1755

He was born at Arth Boy in the County of Meath in the kingdom of Ireland June 4th 1708, was brought up in the Church of England, and had a liberal education.  

In the year 1734 he came over to Georgia and was employed there in the pubic store by the trustees of this colony.

In the year 1736, he married the first time and went to live upon his own Island, where he had a plantation.  But his dwelling house being reduced to ashes, he moved again into the town of Savanna; and even in town his house burnt down the second time.  

Soon after this he was made thoughtful about his eternal wellfare, by the preaching of some clergymen, who came over from England.

In the year 1740, he took upon him the general care of the Orphan-House in Georgia, where was also our late Br. [John] Hagen, whose life and conversation was so blessed and edifying to him, that he from that time endeavoured to get acquainted with the United Brethren.  

For this end he moved again to Savanna, and lived with the late Mr. [John] Brownfield, where he frequented the Brethren's meetings constantly and with great satisfaction of heart, altho' he, being a person of note, was ridiculed for keeping company with a people bearing reproach for the Saviour's sake.

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