bulletJames Burnside (1708-1755)

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In the year 1743, his wife departing this life in a very happy manner, he resolved to move with his only daughter Rebecka to Pennsylvania to the Brethren, who were gone from Georgia thither, which he accordingly did the same year, and lived from some time here in Bethlehem.

At the latter end of the year 1744, he took a voyage to Charlestown, in South Carolina, thinking to be employed there as Notary Public but his only child he left in the Brethren's care coming to Charlestown he found himself uneasy and as he was once conversing with our Saviour about it in the woods, the Lord was pleased to draw near his heart in an unspeakable manner, upon which he immediately resolved to stay no longer in this place, but returned in the Spring 1745 to New York again, and after having repeatedly desired leave to come and live in Bethlehem, his request was not only after sometime granted, but he was also received in the congregation of the Brethren and admitted to the holy communion.

This same year the 8th of August he was married here in Bethlehem to his second wife the present widdow, Mrs. Mary Windover, who cannot but be greatly missing so tender and loving a husband.  In the year 1746 the 1st of August his beloved daughter by his first wife, Rebecka, who was in the Children's Nursery at Nazareth, went home to our Saviour exceedingly happily, which afforded her father a particular satisfaction, the child being quite taken up with the Lam of God, and his precious wounds, and burning with desire to go to Him.

At the Synod of the United Brethren, held in Philadelphia the same month, he gave the Brethren the right 


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