bulletJames Burnside (1708-1755)

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all the time, his head being most affected.  Yet what little he spoke was sweet, and the most remarkable and satisfactory unto us were the sinner-tears he shed upon the account of his having been unfaithful to our Saviour and his people.  And ever since that time love and heartiness was perceived in him towards the Brethren, who visited him in his sickness, tending him both day and night, as also a heart resigned to our Saviour and Creator, to do with him what he pleased.  Discourses bout our dear Redeemer refreshed him but as for any other matters, he took no notice at all.  Last Tuesday August the 5th, he said to his spouse; "My dear, our Saviour will do something particular for me shortly," and upon her asking, what? he replied "you will see."  The day next day he desired her several times with a particular emphasis to sing praises to the Lord of Hosts and to the Holy Ghost.  And upon her asking him, for what? he replied, "Because our Saviour is a coming to take me to himself.  Farewell!"  And he thus taking leave of her she desired him to give her a verso for a remembrance of him, which he also gave did, and said very distinctly; "They five dear wounds torn wide for me, my rockholes and my refuge be etc."  Thursday morning he said unto her; "O how glad am I, that my time draws near to go to our Saviour!" and so he said no more, but lay quite still all the day, till our Saviour was pleased to give his soul permission to leave this mortal tent, which happened the 9th instant between 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning, being heartily recommended to our Saviour by those that stood round his bed.

Blessed and praised be the name of our gracious Lord, who has who has also carried this his sheep home, out of harms' way, for to enjoy eternal happiness with Him!


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