bulletSusannah David (1775-1843)

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Source location: Moravian Archives, Bethlehem, Pa. Box 10 1841-1870, Folder 1843, #3



Our dearly beloved Sister Susannah David, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Bartow, was born on the 10th of January 1775 in Philadelphia, and soon after her birth was dedicated to the Lord in Holy Baptism.  On account of the commencement of the Revolutionary War, her Father, being a merchant in Philadelphia, found that he could not safely remain there, and therefore he moved in the year 1776 with his whole family to Bethlehem as a place of safety, where they remained 7 years till the conclusion of the War, when they again returned to Philadelphia.  In the year 1793 when she was 18 years old, her dear Father, to whom she was particularly attached, died in Philadelphia; and in the same year the first yellow fever making terrible havoc among the inhabitants of the city, all who had the means and opportunity fled into the country, when she with her widowed Mother and the rest of the family again took refuge in Bethlehem.  From that time the family were so attached this place, and found so many kind friends among its inhabitants, that they every years spent several months in Bethlehem; and our dear Sister, even in her latter years, would often delight in relating the many acts of kindness which she experienced at these visits.

In 1795 she was married in Philadelphia with Mr. John David, and the following year she was blessed with a son, of whom, according to her own expression, she was excessively fond, wherefore the Lord in mercy took him again unto


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