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Source location: Moravian Archives, Bethlehem, Pa. Box 1744-1760, 1745 folder, #4.

William Thorne born April 12 1726. In the latter end of the year 1737 I first heard Mr. Whitefield. In the following year (1738) Mr. John Wesley and in the year 1739 The Brethren in Fetter Lane. At that time I began to feel my misery by nature and began to seek salvation in the blood of dear [?] Jesus. Till this time I continued at school (I had been brought up in the Church of England) but now the school and my school fellows became such a burden to me that I left off school and at my desire went to live at Islington (near London). In the house which was designed for a children's oconomy by Mr. Wesley and some of the Brethren but Mr. Wesley quarreling with the Brethren about the same time I was there but a month before the broke up. I continued with Mr. Wesley in his society and was some time with him in the north of England till the year 1744. Then I became acquainted with Br. Connick and went with him the same year into Wiltshire where at his desire I staid and preached several weeks while he returned to London. 

In 1745 I began to renew my acquaintance with the Brethren in London. In the same year I and my wife were married in Wilts July17/28. In the latter end of the same year the Brethren coming to Wilts Br. Connick and I with some others assigned the society there over into the care of the Brethren in writing setting our hands thereto and delivered it to Brother West then present. 

I and my wife went then to Kingswood near Bristol and lived there where I preached some time and then declined it several of us giving the Brethren and invitation in writing and begging to be under there care. 

In 1747 I and my wife were recommended to the Brethren in London by the Brother Horne (who was then in Wiltshire and Cossart who came on a visit to Bristol ? we accordingly left Bristol the latter end of the same year and came to London and lived in the Brethrens house in Nevils Court. In 

March 1748 I was received into the Congregation in London by Br. Johannes. 

In March 1749 my wife was received into the Congregation in London. 

In April 1749 we were sent by the Congregation to the North of Ireland and went the first time to the Lords Supper. 

In October 1750 we came again to London and in December we went to live at Apperby in Gloucestershire from thence in August 1751 to live at Leominster in Herefordshire and visited in Radnonshire and Brechnockshire (in Wales) and Apperby.

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