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Source location: Moravian Archives, Bethlehem, Pa. Box 8 1821-1830, 1830 folder, #7.

Departed 25 October 1830        darkey [written in pencil]

Rebecca, daughter of William and Christina, was born on the 29th of April 1809 in Bethany, North Carolina.

Her parents were regular members of the Brethren's Church at that place; and soon after the birth of this their daughter, they presented her to the Lord in holy baptism, when solemn rite was performed by Br. Seidel, in the Brethren's Church.  

At seven years of age she became the property of Br. And Sr. Kummer, who then resided at Bethabara in North Carolina, with whom she has lived ever since, and who give the following short account of her.

In 1819, when we moved from Bethabara to Pennsylvania, we left it to her and her parent option, to let her remain in Carolina, where she would have remained a slave during live, or to go with us to Pennsylvania, and obtain her freedom.  Our Rebecca, although a child of only 10 years of age was so attached to us and our children that she could not think of leaving us.  Altho' the thought of probably never again seeing her daughter, at first distressed her mother's heart, yet her mother, and the father, felt such confidence to us, that they cheerfully consented to our taking her with us, in the hopes that it might not only prove advantageous to her in this life, and she be preserved from many temptations, but that it also might be beneficial to her through all eternity.  As regards Rebecca, she never intimated the least regret of the choice she had made, of remaining with us.  After having arrived in Pennsylvania, she was bound to us by an indenture, according to the laws of the State for the specified term of years.

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