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After they recovered, she, on Sunday the 17th instant complained of singing in her head, by which her hearing was affected, and of considerable weakness and debility in her limbs.  Medical assistance was immediately obtained, and altho' the symptoms seemed slight, we were impressed with the idea, that it would be the cause of her death.  She could not be persuaded to lie down till the afternoon of the 19th.  Still, for several days the symptoms were not at all alarming, and she never complained of pain.

On Friday evening she became delirious, and continued so, with a few short intermissions, till her death. In one of these intermissions she said, "Our Saviour himself said, He that believeth in me shall be saved."   Looking upwards once, she exclaimed: "Oh!  Angels, Angels."  On Monday afternoon, she was asked, "Would you like to go to our Saviours?" she replied, "Yes, if he will take me."  Being asked whether she wished a prayer to be offered up for her by Br. Seidel, at her bed, she answered, "Yes, Id do, if he will please to come."  Upon being asked, whether she put her trust in our Saviour?" she said, "yes, I have reason to be very thankful to him, I am a great sinner, and he had done much, very much for me.  I am not afraid to die."  During the fervent prayer offered up in her behalf, she was all attention, and all present agreed that it was a sweet moment spent in the nearness of her soul's Redeemer.

Towards evening her breathing became shorter, and soon after 8 O'clock on the 25th of October, without the least struggle, and as if she gently fell asleep, her would took its flight to her beloved Saviour, into reams of everlasting bliss and happiness.  Her age was 21 years and nearly 6 months.

We fell peculiarly grateful for the constant and faithful attendance of the Physicians during her illness, and cannot let this opportunity passe, without expressing our warmest thanks not only to all those who kindly assisted in attending to her, but also the those, who cheerfully offered their services, if their assistance should be needed, by a prolonged sickness. 

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