bulletMagdalene (1731-1820)

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Source location: Moravian Archives, Bethlehem, Pa. Box 7 1811-1820, 1820 folder, #6.


Our late sister Magdalene has left the following account of herself.

I was the property of the late Mr. Prontis who bought me when about 10 years old.  In his family I remained for a number of years.

My master being anxious for the salvation of my soul and perceiving that it was necessary to preserve me from the temptation by which I was surrounded [?] proposed to me to go to Bethlehem but I had no inclination to accede to the proposal; on the contrary I begged him, rather to sell me to another person; and was too much attached to the world and its enjoyments.

He however persuaded me at least to make a trial–as he was assured I would experience kind treatment–and promised me at the same time that if  I was not contented — he would at any time receive me back again. 

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