bulletMagdalene (1731-1820)

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The Saviour who came to me and saw that which was lost now looked in mercy upon my poor soul which was so deeply mark[ed] in the misery and slavery of sin, that before this I never could think - that I should be redeemed from it - was comforting me.  Then these words - Jesus has died for thee also, on the cross - to redeem  thee from sin.  By faith I embraced him as my Saviour and received the assurance of the forgiveness of my sins.

Thus far her own account.

May the 19, 1748 she was baptized unto the death of Jesus and became a communicant on Jan. 26, 1749.

Jan 21, 1762 she was married to the Negro Brother Andrew.  Their marriage was blessed with 2 sons who both entered eternity before her. 

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