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Soruce location: Moravian Archives, Bethlehem, Pa. Box 8 1821-1830, 1822 folder, #7.


Mary Elizabeth Ross
was born June 26th in the year 1806 and brought to Bethlehem by her mother, Mrs. Mary Lamb residing in Bayon County Georgia in the year 1820, in order to receive her education in our institution for young ladies, which she entered October 7th.  She appears to have lived amongst us with satisfaction altho' frequent ailings and natural difficulties in a measure retarded progress she might otherwise have made in her studies.  On the last day of the year just passed, she was taken seriously ill, and appeared to suffer considerably ­ altho' no alarming  symptoms became perceptible and after a few days a seemingly favorable change took place. F (The religious duties impressed upon her youthful mind by her mother in the discharge of which she had been punctual and assiduous during her residence among us, she could not resolve to omit even during her illness and appeared deeply affected when thus occupied.)  (---) see next page [from right margin]

F  However she continued very restless and in apparent pain during most of the night, in which she was very assiduously and affectionately attended by her teacher and NURSE, who did their best to alleviate her distresses.  About the 9th of the month these symptoms subsided and we had every hope of her speedy recovery.  But within a few days after, a relapse took place, and altho' even then no alarming symptoms of immediate danger occurred, it became evident that her illness had taken a different and more serious turn.  She began to be impressed with the idea, and not possibly it might be the will of God to call her home

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