bullet Bethlehem Diary - November 16, 1763

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[Symbol for Wednesday] November 16

Br. Philipp, who came here yesterday to visit from Lynn, went back today. Brs. Schmick and Rothe came here from Philadelphia, however, and brought us a letter from our Br. Grube, which was communicated to the Gemeine in the evening, it follows:

Most dear Brethren in Bethlehem and Nazareth:

Our dear and faithful heart has now brought us safely here. What we survived and experienced on the journey, the Brethren who have been with us will tell you. The sheriff behaved like a brother, and I cannot thank the Single Brothers enough for their efforts, faithfulness and care. The fury of the people in Philadelphia was indescribable, and we had to stand in front of the barracks for fully three hours and take all kinds of disgrace and scorn. We had many thousands accompanying us through the city, yet it came off without harm. We then went another four miles farther, where we were brought via boat with our things to the island and arrived safely at dusk. We took possession immediately of the lodgings that were shown to us, which consists of ten spacious rooms with fire places. All our people were very pleased and thankful that this difficult trip was finally over. Bread and cheese were distributed to them, and today more provisions will come. The island consists of 300 acres land. The two houses that we received to live in are well built from brick, and there are twenty rooms inside. The man who has the oversight of them is a nice man and will be very helpful to us. A few years ago, 400 Neutrals lived in these two houses. It is a pretty and comfortable island, and I can do nothing other than thank the Savior with tears that he brought us here. We will now see what the Savior will do with us, and I trust like a child would that He will help us further. My greatest pain is now over, and the Savior heard the sighs of his Gemeine. Tomorrow we will hold the first Gathering and present ourselves as poor children before our most beloved Elder, and his hand that was bored through shall absolve and bless us. All the Indian brothers and sisters greet you heartily and thank you again for the great love and goodness that you have shown them. Hold us all in your prayers before your faithful Husband. My wife, who had her birthday today, greets everyone tenderly, as does my dear David, who will stay with me until Br. and Sr. Schmick arrive. Now, you most beloved hearts be 1000 times greeted and kissed from your faithful and poor brother,


Province Island, November 12, 1763

It was sung to our dear little Indian Gemeine there: Take them with Love’s pity, etc. They are your inheritance, etc.

Br. Nathanael held the Singstunde.


Transcription and translation by Katherine Carté Engel

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