bullet 1752 Letter to Rev. Rogers from John Ettwein


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My dearly beloved Br. Rogers,

I can’t express how rejoiced I have been to hear that you on your voyage to Pensilvania [sic]have been so well, and that your preaching in New York had such blessing and applause. I love you tenderly and think very often on my dear Rogers, the Lord bless you and your traveling and preaching beyond all measure. I and my Nette [Johannetta] are since your departure again in our old station in Fetterlane, chearful, happy and in the wound of our Saviour heavenly content. The 18th of Sept. my Nette was delivered of a fine charming boy, almost as fine as your Tom altho’ I have not seen him, yet I know he is a charming fellow; this my little son was the same day in the general meeting baptized and called Christian. Will you be his God-Father, it will be a great blessing for the son and a great love and honour to Father and Mother. Now I am here in Westminster on the point to go with the single Srs. on board, and so I am in haste and must conclude with two hearty kisses and salutations. I love you very much, much, much and astonishing tenderly and so I am your faithful Br.

J Ettwein

London the 28th of Sept. 1752

Br. Lauterbach gives his hearty salutation to you and Waknert he will try if he can write himself to you.

To the Reverend Mr. Rogers
In New York or Philadelphia


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