bullet Letters

· 1743 Letter to Brother Hagen from John Brownfield

· 1752 Letter to Rev. Rogers from John Ettwein

· 1756 Letter to Foster Barham from Augustus Spangenberg

· 1757 Letter to the Governor from the Brethren Residing at the Forks of the Delaware

· 1763 Petition to Governor James Hamilton from Peter Boehler

· 1763 Letter to Lewis Wiess from Frederick Marshall

· 1763 (November 9) Pettion to Governor John Penn from John Jacob Schmick

· 1763 (November 14)Petition to Governor John Penn from John Jacob Schmick

· 1764 Letter to the Indians from John Penn

· 1764 Letter to David Zeisberger from William Logan

· 1764 Petition to Governor Penn from some inhabitants of Lancaster County

· 1764 Letter to Frederick Marshall from Lewis Weiss

· 1765 Address of the Christian Indians to Governor John Penn

· 1779 Letter to Brigadier General Maxwell from Joseph Reed

· 1779 Letter to William Moore from Nathaniel Seidel, Andrew Hübner, Jeremiah Dencke

· 1789 Letter to George Washington from John Hubner, Charles Reichel, Hans Schweinis, Paul Minster, Friedrich Peter, David Zeisberger

· 1789 Letter to the Directors of the Society of the United Brethren from George Washington



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