bullet 1764 Letter from William Logan to David Zeisberger


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[Punctuation and spelling is as it appears in the original document]

Philadelphia Jany. 11th 1764.

My Friend

David Zeisberg[er]

I did not Return till last Night not being able to get over the River on Account of the Ice that was in it, & now take this first Opportunity to send thee the Copy of what I delivered to the Indians at Trenton according to they Desire, lest they should forget what was said to them, or misunderstand. These Indians and all others should be desired to sett the Mischief that has been done at the Connoytown & Lancaster in the most favourable Light & that it has been done by such who have had their Friends killed on the Frontiers, by Indians, and not by the Sober Part of the Inhabitants & that as they began this Mischief and have been the Cause of it themselves They must bear it the more patiently & passivly.

I know a Great Deal will depend on the Prudent Conducting this Matter with the Indians in the Indian Country. It ought therefore to be every ones Concern.

Let me hear by the Return of the Post very particularly how You got along to New York. How you were received by General Gage, & the People of New York, & what the General Intends to do with the Indians, & when they are to go to General Johnsons, & how, -- which will oblige.

Thy Friend

William Logan

Only Direct for me
Mercht. In Philadelphia

If General Johnson should be at New York, the should be informed what has been said to the Indians.


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